Mathieu Anderson is a web dev

Nice to meet you

I'm a front-end specialist. Love being part of cross-functional teams and working with product owners to be the logical glue between the back-end devs and the designers.

My favourite tool is currently React, but I love anything that lets me to build UIs in a declarative way. And always eager to adopt whatever the team agrees upon!

I come from a fullstack background. Familiar with back-end tech (Node, Go, SQL databases), and delighted to dive into it when it is required!

My teams


January 2019 - Now

Front-end developer

  • Who? A dynamic growth SAAS startup selling a holistic promotion engine solution.
  • What? Talon.One is a twofold product: a webapp to create flexible rule-based marketing campaigns, and a powerful API to evaluate customer sessions according to those rules.
  • My role: Building and owning front-end features for our web app, in close collaboration with front-end teammates, the UX/UI team and the back-end team (geolocation, rule builder, UI redesign). Optimizing build tools and addressing tech debt (cut Webpack build time in half, enforcing code standards, updating legacy React codebase). Led a major redesign effort of the product (implementing specs by creating maintainable, reusable components). Grew into a leadership role (mentoring new hires, representing engineering concern in product meetings, planning and executing / delegating necessary tasks).


July 2017 - December 2018

Full-stack developer

  • Who? A mature startup providing an SEO service to thousands of users daily as a freemium model.
  • What? WooRank offers a limited free review for any url entered by the user. Subscribing to the service opens access to a keyword tool, PDF generation, competitor tracking, analytics and more. Deeply committed to high availability and continuous integration / deployment through containerized micro-services (Node / React), and multiple daily deploys.
  • My role: Built new features from back-end to front-end (PDF generation, Facebook API metrics gathering, mailing service). Proposed solutions to solve our user's issues and gathered technical consensus (styles theming for PDFs). Addressed maintenance issues (legacy PHP codebase). Participated in first-response effort during crisis.

Most used tools

Writing & talking

DX is UX

June 3, 2022
Talk at JSConf Budapest 2022 about improving your developer experience by adopting user experience principles.

Theming Ant Design : a detailed step by step basic guide

March 23, 2020
A deeper dive in applying the theming guidelines provided by Ant Design’s documentation in an actual application.

A proposal for clearer code reviews

November 27, 2019
An attempt to build a loose feedback framework from personal experience, both as a reviewer and a creator of pull requests.

Types of TypeScript typings

September 9, 2019
A brief overview of the different approaches TypeScript offers to make our React code type safe.

A localization toolbox with React's context API

June 6, 2018
A guide on how to format time and numbers, how to make it relevant to a specific locale, and how to make it all easy with React’s context API.